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The selection of a service provider to determine your Indoor Air Quality (“IAQ”) is extremely important for your health, the health of your family, and peace of mind.

Great consideration must be exercised to select the most competent, experienced, certified, and licensed provider.

Mold Control Solutions and Indoor Air Care (MCSIAC) qualifications, expertise, and credentials excel by comparison.

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Areas of Expertise

Mold Inspection and Testing

Air Conditioning System Cleaning and Disinfecting

Biological Decontamination & Testing

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Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold assessment or sometimes called “inspection” is an inspection of visible and accessible areas of your home and a microscopic sampling of the air and surfaces to correctly determine if it is truly a mold issue or something else.

Following the inspection and laboratory analysis by a 3rd party qualified laboratory, you will receive (usually two days later) a complete written report on the findings and recommendations and suggestions (sometimes called a “Protocol”) on how to treat and cure the problem.

This inspection includes HVAC system evaluation, Infrared Thermal Imaging, to detect potential wet areas. See > IR Thermal Imaging

10 Mold Inspection Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure. Click on a video thumbnail for viewing.

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Mold Control Solutions

MCSIAC is licensed and insured in Florida as indoor air quality professionals. Because we also possess Building Construction and Air Conditional Florida licensing. MSCIAC inspection is more thorough than others. Your inspection is evaluated through several sets of educated eyes providing a more encompassing report as to WHY, WHERE, and HOW.

Important Note:
Florida Statute 468 prohibits the mold inspector (company or individual, no matter the relationship) to also be the mold remediator for 12 months after the inspection. Be careful of ‘free inspections’ offered by remediation or service companies! They produce a so-called ‘free’ inspection only to capture the mitigation and remediation phases of the work. And, the free inspection is usually bad, so there is always work for them on the back end.

You need a certified 3rd party inspector that stands by YOU.

Post Remediation Verification – “PRV” (Called “Post Testing” or “Clearance Testing”) is the process of re-testing area(s) remedied by other companies. PRV is an unstated requirement of most insurance companies. Now that your home is noted to have mold, your insurance company may not continue your insurance coverage unless you prove mold is now within normal fungal ecology.

Mold Control Solutions

Mold Remediation

MCSIAC has performed hundreds of mold remediations and is certified by the State of Florida for mold remediation. Florida Statute 468 does not allow conflict of interest,therefore, MCSIAC cannot perform remediation when MCSIAC also performs the inspection at the same address.

Our mold remediation experience, knowledge, and expertise, licenses provides a wealth of knowledge additional knowledge to correctly perform and write remediation protocols. How can an inspection company write a correct mold remediation protocol if they do not have a Florida Remediation License to do so?

Our remediation licenses also provide MCSIAC an additional advantage. As far as we know, MCSIAC is the only licensed AC company that also has a mold remediation license.

IAQ Allergen Screening

Asthma and allergens are becoming an extremely prevalent problem among adults and children. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, allergies affect an estimated 50 to 80 million Americans, which translates to about one (1) of every five (5) adults and children. Allergies are also the sixth (6th) leading cause of chronic disease in the United States, with an annual medical cost exceeding $18 Billion.

There are many different contaminants in indoor environments (For Example, cat and dog dander, pollens, dust mite waste, cockroach feces) that can cause or aggravate allergies. A major reservoir for collecting and holding dust in indoor environments is carpet. The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist (ACGIH) lists carpet as one of the nine potential sources of biological agents in an occupied space (Reference: ACGIH Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control 1999). Unfortunately, common allergens often get overlooked in the routine evaluation of a building for indoor environmental contaminants. Indoor distribution of allergens is made possible via your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning System)

The International Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (IAACI) recommend to sample and analyze settled dust to evaluate the exposure of occupants to common allergens.

ACGIH (The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist) and AIHA (American Industrial Hygienist Association) have proposed and published threshold values or human exposure limits on allergens in dust. The threshold values are levels at which there is an increased risk of allergy sensitization or reactions in sensitized intervals.

Mold Control Solutions and Indoor Air Care (MCSIAC) provides a service to sample (collect) a measured amount of dust in a home without further causing airborne contaminants. The sample(s) are then sent to an accredited laboratory via chain-of-custody for multiple analyses for a variety of common allergens. This is the first step in identifying, preventing exposure, and decreasing the risk of allergies for the occupants.

Let Mold Control Solutions help you and your doctor identify your indoor environment for allergens.

MCSIAC provides a service to sample (collect) a measured amount of dust in a home without further causing airborne contaminants. Add this service to your mold inspection and save money.

Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning equipment distributes and collects air particles (particulates). Some of these particulates are so small that standard filters cannot capture them, and they pass to the coil, blower, supply plenum, and ductwork. Over a period of time, organisms develop and eat the collected debris. MCSIAC expertly performs this HVAC cleaning and disinfecting service. Air Conditioning System Cleaning and Disinfecting.


Company - Michael Danforth, Inc., a Florida Corporation dba Mold Control Solutions and Indoor Air Care (MCSIAC).

MCSIAC was founded in 2004, and today more than 5,000 IAQ and mold-related projects are completed on time and with customer satisfaction.

Michael Danforth (Principle) Mold Assessor #MRSA 2357 - Mold Remediator #MRSR 2539 - Florida General Contractor #CGCA33074 - Florida HVAC Contractor #CAC1815651
Certified CDC/EPA Complaint COVID 19 Decontamination Contractor

Larry Tipping (Associate) Mold Assessor #MRSA 2519 - Mold Remediator #MRSR 2705.

Memberships and Associations

Certified Mold Assessor and Mold Remediator: Gary Rose, Ph.D.: Certified Mold Free Corp.

Mold Control Solutions


2 Superior Achiever Awards and numerous Letters of Commendation from The Department of Navy.

Mold Control Solutions


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