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We believe Integrity – Performance – Reputation

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HVAC Duct and Air Handler Cleaning and Disinfecting –
Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning equipment distributes and collects air particles (particulates). Some of these particulates are so small that standard filters cannot capture them, and they pass to the coil, blower, supply plenum, and ductwork. Over a period of time, organisms develop and eat the collected debris. These organisms cause allergic reactions in humans and animals. Cleaning your HVAC system (including the air handler and plenum as well as the ductwork) removes the debris causing allergens and greatly relieves symptoms such as runny nose, headaches, and sinus congestion. Our power brush system equipment sweeps the dust / debris and vacuums it into the hose using negative air and collects it into a container while the air is filtered using a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA); NOT into your indoor air.

This is The Hard Part! Only a Florida Certified Air Conditioning Contractor should be trusted to perform the work. MCSIAC is a qualified and licensed contractor to perform this task. A) cleans and sanitizes the Air Handler by cleaning the fan blades and motor. B) The coil is cleaned in-place or removed (if necessary) to eliminate debris and microbial growth thus allowing the machine to run more efficiently. And C) The inside of the air handler cabinet is hand-wiped with a disinfectant. For air handlers that are extremely filthy and the return/supply air plenum(s) is contaminated or damaged (especially by water), MCSIAC is qualified to perform the ultimate IAQ protocol that demands pumping down the refrigerant, removal of the air handler to the outdoors, replacement of the plenum(s), and perform a full cleaning and sanitizing of the unit, even replace the internal cabinet insulation; then re-install the unit into place and check operation.

Now – The entire system is clean and ready for disinfecting. We also have botanical disinfectants. If a disinfectant is used, the Client must be willing to leave their home for about 2 hours. Clean air handler! Clean ducts! - Clean Air!!!

We begin by:

  • Removing the air diffusers or grills and cleaning them. Optional pricing includes painting the air registers or diffusers. Diffusers are replaced at completion of cleaning process.
  • Cleaning the ductwork.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the Air Handler including coil, fan / blower and ductwork.
  • Clean all the ceiling fans. (Optional).
  • Cleaning of the clothes dryer duct. (Optional).
  • Replacement of all Owner supplied AC filters.

The Far Greater Value!!!
The VALUE Mold Control Solutions and Indoor Air Care (“MCSIAC”) brings to you cannot be compared to any other company. It is MCSIAC that is employed to perform this work in Medical Clinics in St Augustine, Jacksonville, and Fernandina Beach Florida. Our procedure is not duplicated by others. Others take shortcuts. Others do not clean your system as MCSIAC; do not have the qualifications to diagnose the HVAC system, and most likely, are not licensed as air conditioning contractors. It is not just PRICE but also QUALITY, INTEGRITY, REPUTATION, EXPERIENCE, and QUALIFICATIONS that you must consider. All of these added together, equal VALUE!

Call MCSIAC today for your free estimate. Each project is different. We must evaluate ceiling heights, number of ducts, type of diffusers (residential or commercial), and number & location of air handlers. All these features will modify pricing.

We believe in: Integrity – Performance – Reputation

A Guarantee of our Client’s Satisfaction!
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