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Detects temperature anomalies on surfaces without cutting the wall

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Mold Control Solutions and Indoor Air Care specializes in leak detection by using a state-of-the-art Infrared (IR) Thermal Imaging Camera. “Thermography” is the science of detecting radiant temperature differentials on the surface of various building materials and/or objects and identifying and interpreting anomalies through colored ‘temperature signatures’.

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The use and applications are numerous and may surprise you. The following will list some of the applications, but not all. If you require more information, please call us directly (904) 887-0272 to determine if IR Thermal Imaging is practical for you.

Building Envelopes and Structures

  • New building warranty inspections. Inspect before your warranty runs out
  • Detect heat/cold loss and humidity irregularities
  • Moisture and condensation contamination, i.e., leaking water pipes, leaking waste pipes, air-conditioning condensation build-up in buildings, condominiums, plant, and industrial facilities
  • Concrete water heated floor inspections for leaks and temperature distribution
  • Locate missing or damaged insulation
  • Identify air leakage energy losses
  • Evaluate the thermal performance of retrofits, i.e., replacement windows.
  • Locate radiant heating wires or pipes
  • Location and identification of potential electrical / wiring / device / connection failures
Mold Control Solutions

Show me Some Examples

Thermography means ‘writing in heat’. Photography means ‘writing with light’. The picture generated by IR is called a thermogram or thermal image.

The following examples visually depict what is seen when using an IR Thermal Imaging instrument. By comparing the photo to the left to the thermogram on the right, it is easier for the layman to understand the effectiveness and value of IR Thermal Imaging.

Ex. 1

This thermogram of a 3-story apartment building clearly shows the path of a serious water leak. The leak was found coming from a washing machine on the 3rd floor. The leak was completely hidden within the wall.

Ex. 2

This thermogram of a residential building clearly shows that water has passed the gutter and affected the wood under the eave.

Ex. 3

This thermogram clearly shows a leak above the ceiling, where under normal photography, it cannot be seen. Further IR inspection traced the water to an intrusion point under the threshold of a door leading to an upstairs porch.

Ex. 4

This thermogram shows where wall insulation is missing, and the correct window flashing was never installed by the builder.

Benefits of IR Thermal Imaging Inspection

  • Performance where other methods fail
  • Non-destructive - You do not need to bore a hole or cut out a wall or floor or roof section to view its condition
  • Quick and accurate: You received a photograph to thermograph comparison and a written report.
  • Cost effective: There is no destruction or damage to repair when using IR Thermal Imaging in contrast to the more common method of cutting holes, etc. to visibly observe the source of the problem. This can be especially cost effective when attempting to identify multiple problem sources within multi-story buildings such as condominiums and apartment complexes.
  • Non-contact method - Using IR keeps the user out of danger. One example is electrical inspection. The wire/device may be arching and is very hot, live components cannot be simply touched.
  • Distance and accessibility - Distance is not factors when using IR Thermal Imaging, even moving or rotating targets can be inspected. Line of sight is important.
  • Thermography does NOT intrude or affect the target. No damage to the target!

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